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Chelsea  |  Louisiana

Some would say this was the easy way out, however, having wonderful results this has by far been the toughest journey in my life. It could be one of the greatest decisions I have made. It 100% saved my life! I could not have done it without the wonderful staff and Dr. Hargroder. They definitely surpassed any expectations that I had. Thank you so much for giving me a new lease on life!


Mindy  |  Louisiana

Well, 1 year ago I decided to change my life. It's certainly not the easy way out, I found it mentally tougher than anything I had done before.

So, after my surgery I started lifting weights 3 times a week and with my new modified diet, I am loving the new me, the activities and the confidence I have now, plus feeling healthy. The best part of this life changing process was the staff at Dr. Hargroder's office. They make feel like family when I'm there. Thank you all for helping me through this change!

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