Questions for Your Primary Care Doctor

Questions for Your Primary Care Doctor

You should work with your doctor to document your weight loss attempts, including all previous weight loss programs or efforts in which you have participated. You should also carefully record any obesity-related health conditions you suffer from that may be alleviated with weight loss surgery.
Are these health conditions getting worse?
Are you continuing to sleep poorly?
Are you having more and more trouble walking?
How high is your blood pressure compared to two or three years ago?
Is your Body Mass Index in the 40-60 range?
Is your Body Mass Index in the 35-39 range with life threatening co-morbidities?
Are you 75 lbs. overweight?

These records will help you decide if weight loss surgery is an option for you. They will also help provide the health history necessary to obtain insurance reimbursement for weight loss surgery.

Other questions to ask your doctor:
How would I benefit from weight loss?
What are my best options now?
Am I a candidate for weight loss surgery?
What are the next steps I should take?
Can you refer me to a bariatric surgeon?

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